For Safety Every Step of the Way -
The Safety Surface Process

AEGIS Floorsystems, Inc. provides a variety of safety related services and products to aid in the prevention of slip and fall accidents. The mainstay product for tiled floors is 'Safety Surface'. Safety Surface is a uniquely formulated chemical compound designed to react with the silica sand in concrete, tile and terrazzo floor surfaces. The result of that chemical reaction is the creation of a microscopic texture that significantly increases traction, particularly when the treated surface is wet. The slip resistant performance of the treated surface is generally tripled when treated with Safety Surface.

Scheduling Procedure
Once locations to be treated have been determined, AEGIS Floorsystems scheduling department will then go about the process of contacting the Director of Operations/Manager for each individual location for the purpose of setting specific dates and times for treatment. AEGIS Floorsystems can supply weekly updated lists of the locations that have been successfully scheduled as required. As a general rule, AEGIS Floorsystems technicians will arrive at a scheduled location just before the customer dining area closes. Treatment will begin in the customer area and progress accordingly to the kitchen area. Treatment of the kitchen area will begin at the same time the restaurant crew finishes their nightly shut down routine.

Cleaning and Treating Procedures
Under normal circumstances, AEGIS Floorsystems technicians will perform a power scrub of the floors using a low speed power floor machine, and Kadet. The Kadet cleaning agent will be left on the floor for the recommended 7 to 10 minutes to allow proper emulsifying time. All materials are then wet vac removed, and Safety Surface is applied. Finally, Safety Surface is wet vac removed, and the floor is thoroughly rinsed. The average time for treatment is 3 to 5 hours. Since there is no cure time required, floors are ready to walk on immediately following treatment.

Note: A thin white residue will present itself following treatment. This is a normal result, and, with regular mopping and floor traffic, will disappear, generally, in 3 to 5 days

After treatment, all it takes to maintain is a cleaning with hot water and liquid degreaser. Let it sit for 7 to 10 minutes. Agitate it with a stiff deck brush. Rinse with clean, hot water, and you're done!