SEI Test of Safety Surface

SEI TestAEGIS Floorsystems' mainstay product for tiled floors is "Safety Surface." Safety Surface is a uniquely formulated chemical compound designed to react with the silica sand in concrete, tile and terrazo floor surfaces. The result of the chemical reaction is the creation of a microscopic texture that significantly increases traction particularly when the treated surface is wet.

An independent test by the Smith Emery Institute clearly demonstrated the dramatic increase in the co-efficent of friction (slip resistance) of wet floors when treated by AEGIS Floorsystems.

Slippery FloorAEGIS Floorsystems, Inc. has been actively involved in the provision of floor safety services and products for more than 20 years.  During that time AEGIS Floorsystems has continued to strive to develop new and innovative floor safety and maintenance solutions to enhance the work environments of our customers and aid in the prevention of slip & fall accidents.  Our customers include several of the world's largest companies.  AEGIS Floorsystems is most proud to be a vendor partner with McDonald's Corporation for over ten years.